How to Manage Events with a CRM System

Are you a business that hosts events? You are not alone as we are finding more and more businesses we meet are hosting events and are requiring a system to automate their event management activities.

Traditionally, events are managed either:

  1. Manually, via emails, excel sheets and over the phone OR
  2. Via a third party system  – for example Eventbrite, Trybooking etc.

The main issue with these systems is that you end up with having your customer information in silos (yet again) and are not able to leverage the juicy insights you would be able to glean from having a central database.

A typical manual system looks something like this:


Event management capability has always not been a core feature of many CRM systems, however this seems to be changing. Systems such as CiviCRM allow our clients to have a central customer database with event management capabilities.  Event management features include:

  • The ability to create events within the CRM and have them automatically appear on the client’s website.
  • People can register and pay for the event through the website and the information gets captured into the CRM automatically.
  • Participants are emailed a receipt and event details automatically.
  • An automated reminder can be set up to be sent to participants prior to the event.
  • Name badges can be automatically printed from the participant list in the CRM.
  • The participant attendance list can be updated on the event day to track who actually attended.
  • A customised email can be automatically sent post event, based on whether someone attended or did not attend.
  • Attendee handouts can even be sent out automatically.

The process after using a CRM to manage events look something like this:


The average time saved on managing events by using a CRM system has been shown to range from 1 hour – 6 hours for our clients.  Also event participation increased by 5% after a CRM system was introduced.

So you can see the advantage that can be gained by having a central database with event management functionality. Another advantage is the reporting capability with any event management report being produced at the push of a button in the CRM.

If you would like more information on how to manage your events with a CRM, then feel free to contact us.

Now over to you! Let us know if you manage events or if you are considering hosting events in the future.  If you are, what systems do you use (manual and automated)?  We would love you to share your experiences with everyone.



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