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Fremantle Chamber of Commerce –


The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce (FCC)  champions policies and strategies that improve the business environment in Fremantle, enhance community prosperity and develop a sustainable mix of business and lifestyle opportunities for Fremantle’s future. They act as an advocate for the business community, a conduit for information and a promoter of Fremantle’s position in the regional landscape.  The Chamber currently have over 500 members, ranging from major corporate organisations to small micro-businesses.

CRM Solution

FCC required a CRM system to manage their members, events and organisational activities more efficiently.  The main requirements that the CRM needed to fulfil were:

  • To have a central database of all contacts and members.
  • The ability to register online to become a member.
  • The ability to have all membership information in a central location
  • The ability to register online for events.
  • The ability to manage events from a central location.
  • The ability to track payments
  • Reporting on all of the above

The CRM system selected for FCC is called CiviCRM.  CiviCRM is a web-based, open source, CRM software geared toward meeting the needs of non-profit and other civic-sector organizations.

The CRM was configured from the front end to manage all the items listed above. Existing contacts that were stored in excel sheets and outlook were imported into the system to create a central repository. Custom reports were created to handle all the above items as well.


The CRM solution implemented by Sankhya Consultants resulted in the  following benefits to FCC:

  • Time savings by having a central repository to access all contacts and member information
  • Time savings by having a central online system to manage Events and having integrated workflow such as automatically reminding participants of the event a week or a few days prior to the event.
  • Time savings in tracking invoices until paid.
  • Time savings by having a central online system to manage memberships and having integrated workflow such as automatically reminding members of their membership expiring a month prior to expiration.
  • Automatic generation of reports and lists for management – time savings and increased accuracy in not having to compile these manually.
  • Having a central repository to manage all types of clients and staff and their associated contracts and documentation.
  • Being able to update events and membership information on the website automatically from the CRM system.
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“Thank you Vish for the advice and support. Implementing the CRM made an immediate impact on the way we manage our customers” --Jacqui Warnock, Fremantle Chamber of Commerce